Romantic Villa with a view on Bali, for wonderful moments.
Romantic Bali Mountain Villa Damai

Romantic Villa Damai

Jimbaran Bukit, Bali, Indonesia



Villa Damai, also called House of Peace, is situated on the hill of "Jl Tundun Penyu" (turtle hill) in an enclosed resort of villas Tanah Bali on Bukit. The location impresses through its free and wonderful distant view on Kuta, Jimbaran Bay, Denpasar, Benoa, Benida Island and the sea, also including the mountains und vulcanoes in the center of the island.


The private property is embedded into the glorious tropic nature, surrounded by a neat romantic garden with a large swimming pool and cozy corners that invite to linger. A moderate and lightly cooling breeze from the north-west gives the place comfortable temperatures all-over the year.


In this idyll you will experience and enjoy a private atmosphere, an oasis of silence and recreation - and you will be able to feel the easiness of "just being".


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